With partners in Europe and South America, 2EnS (Energy and Environment Solutions) is an international consultancy project on the energy, mining & minerals, waste and water management, environmental impact, air quality, planning & development, infrastructure and industrial sectors. We also provide expert sustainability advice and project management support that spans all of these sectors. We provide global consultancy advice and support on a wide range of strategic and site-specific issues to a diverse and growing base of business, regulatory and governmental clients.

Partners and experts

2EnS project is been carried out by Belgian, Spanish and Peruvians. We have more than 10 years of experience. Our lines of action are:

  • Analysis, monitoring of European policies and business relations between the EU and Latin America and Africa.

  • EU strategic policy advice to public and private sectors.


Technical / legal advice

Our group of experts on energy and environmental policies and legislation offer a wide range of technical and legal advice, among them:

  • General services consultancy in a European and International perspective.

  • Preparation of report/studies on specific European legislation (future initiatives and policy proposals in progress). We provide “early warning radar” to well prepare in advance business strategies (lobby).

  • Alert system of calls and key European call of tenders to finance customer activities, towards to prepare strategic business plan.

Representation and accompaniment

Headquartered in Brussels, political and legislative center of Europe as well as an essential part of the fora to exchange experiences and ideas, and branches in Spain, Argentina and Brazil, 2EnS offers a team of professionals capable of representing your interests and support you in the defence of them in very diverse areas.

  • Client representation in meetings (or customer support and preparation of logistical issues) and forums on the subjects to be held in Brussels (business meetings, negotiations with the European Commission, forums for finding partners, EC Infodays on different calls...)

  • Client representation in (or logistic support and preparing issues for) meetings and specialised forums on the subject held outside Brussels and in certain issues where the presence is necessary.

  • Available contacts and mediation.

European projects / tenders

In the field of Energy and Environment, the European Commission regularly publishes calls for the funding of projects and tenders for studies or performance of work and service.

For proposals to be successful, Energy & Environment Solutions offers the following facilities:

  • Search key partners (by geographic origin, successful Project experience, value added partner…) to submit Project proposals to European calls.

  • Negotiation with partners for client’s inclusion in international consortia/partnership created for the submission of European calls’ projects.

  • General advisory service preparation of Project proposals to submit to European calls.

  • As part of the presentation of a Project and/or European tender, editorial work, or translation of a joint project.

  • Support to European Project´s implementation.


Our experts have like over a decade of experience in the field of international relations in different parts of Europe, Latin America and West Africa, background service to our customers.

  • Provision of a wide range of contacts in EU countries and third countries (mainly Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa) to explore business opportunities together.

  • Overview of possibilities for internationalization and openness of markets in countries where 2EnS has contacts.

  • Survey on possibilities of launching a trade mission to certain EU or third countries where 2EnS has contacts.

  • Internationals market studies.

  • Design and development of trading sessions in EU or third countries.