Economic and social development depends more and more on stimulating entrepreneurship, innovation, creativeness, culture and knowledge transfer that leverages a sustainable and inclusive growth.  In order to achieve that, it is essential to identify relevant experiences and methodologies, relationships between territories and parties that share information and good practices, as well as the development of new collaboration models between the public and private sector and civil society.

Any Other Business (AoB) is a consultancy service specialising in international and commercial relations. It advises clients in areas such as development cooperation, public and private sector internationalisation, and social and business innovation, aiming at offering innovative answers to economic, social and political challenges. AoB also offers knowledge, information, contacts and funding possibilities - the necessary resources to achieve the aforementioned goals. All of this is enabled thanks to AoB’s privileged location in Brussels (headquarters to numerous international bodies, and political, economic and civil society actors) and its networking with public, private and social actors in different areas of the world.


Knowledge. AoB mainly works within three thematic fields: a) Territorial development, focusing on the areas that show more inequalities or strategic weaknesses (developing, border, conflict territories…); b) Political, social and business entrepreneurship and innovation, focusing on methodologies and strategies for sustainable and inclusive growth; c) European Union public policies that stimulate economic growth and development.

Networking and internationalisation. AoB enables the transfer of good practices and cooperation between the public, private and social sectors of different areas of the world thanks to its network of contacts and knowledge about the situation of certain geographical areas. Any other Business currently operates in Europe, South and Central America, and occasionally in Africa and the Middle-West.

Support is also offered to companies interested in opening or settling their businesses in new market (mainly Latin America) by organising trade missions, advising about legislation and economic reality of each territory, as well as liaising with the relevant actors of the country.

Furthermore, AoB liaises between their clients and the European institutions, with the purpose of gathering information of interest for the purpose of the project or to communicate an idea, proposal or activity to the European Commission or Parliament. 

Resources. AoB provides their clients with information and advice regarding European Union funding in the framework of innovation programmes,   support to the public, private and civil society sectors, cooperation promotion, international networking, as well as international funding to development cooperation.