Success stories

EU funding for regional projects

The Regional Government of Extremadura (Spain) and the Youth Council of this region held in 2016 several UE-funded activities such as seminars and conferences about Employment and the European Youth policy. AoB supported the regional body in applying for the grant. This is not the only technical assistance carried out by the consultancy firm in Spain. AoB is currently advising Spanish local governments in designing and implementing strategies to get EU funding.

Funding for projects in Latin America

AoB got funding for the implementation of development projects carried out by the international NGO Ayuda en Acción. The grant, provided by Brazil, was addressed to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay. AoB also supported some provincial governments of these countries in getting and implementing EU grants. One of this projects, led by the provincial governent of Carchi, promotes nowadays rural development and water management in the North of Ecuador.
Encuentro con autoridades en Ámsterdam

Technical mission to Amsterdam and Brussels

Representatives of numerous municipalities of the Association of Municipalities of West Paraná (Brazil) undertook a study visit organised by AoB to Amsterdam, where they met representatives of the municipal corporation and learned about the local case study on innovation and energy, and to Brussels, where they were informed about regional case studies on renewable energies. In the framework of this initiative, AoB also organised two seminaries on public energy and environmental policies.

Strategic cooperation plan in Jerusalem

In 2012 and again in 2015, AoB collaborates in the elaboration of a cooperation plan between multiple organisations of Israel and Palestine civil society aiming at promoting cooperation between both communities as the starting point of future peace. By supporting the Palestinian International Cooperation and Peace Centre and the Shasha Centre for Strategic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, AoB has participated as speaker in conferences, supported the organisation of seminaries and presented proposals and initiatives to the European Union.
Visita de expertos al Consejo de Europa

Business and institutional study visit to the heart of Europe

Businessmen and promoters for the innovation and cooperation in Brazil undertook a study visit in 2014 with AoB where they met the different structures of border cooperation between Switzerland, Germany and France and visited the European Parliament headquarters in Strasbourg. In 2015, an AoB advisor will present their vision about regional cooperation in Europe during a forum that will take place in Curitiba (Brazil).

Partnerships for the development in the north of Ecuador

Supporting different international organisations and regional and local bodies in 2014 and 2015, AoB advises the actors of the north of Ecuador regarding the formation of public-private partnerships for economic development and social cohesion in the area. Amongst others, consultancy tasks include transferring technical experience to this area of Latin America.

Consultancy for the cooperation in the Balkans

AoB supports the Association of European Border Regions in the search of international funding to launch cooperation projects between youth organisations of many Balkan countries, mainly concerning the search of call for proposals and support to prepare the latter.

Innovation and water management in America

AoB has undertaken research on international resources to fund initiatives on knowledge management and development of institutional capabilities by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), within the framework of a project that is being implemented between 2015 and 2016.